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The Jennifer Steele Show * 1/18/19

Hello and Welcome To My Blog! In Today’s Blog……….. Today in the Blog- Going out tonight? Watching your weight? Low calorie drink options below- PLUS, what if FREDDIE MERCURY, ELTON JOHN AND ROD STEWART were in a band together and a chicken nugget recall you need to know about! Have a great weekend – See you…

The Jennifer Steele Show * 1/17/19

Hello and Welcome To My Blog! In Today’s Blog……….. How would you like to get paid to spend the summer in Italy? No, really? Also, everything we have learned so far about Grey’s Anatomy’s next season & Ford is planning an electric Truck! That’s all in the blog today- Happy Thursday!  Jennifer Steele, M-F 7p-12a,…

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Today in K-Hits Music

Today in 1980, Pink Floyd’s The Wall started a 15-week run at No.1 on the US album chart. The group’s third US No.1, it went on to sell over 23 million copies in the US alone. The Wall is still the third largest grossing album in the US, behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Eagles’ ‘Greatest Hits’.