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The Jennifer Steele Show * 1/15/19

Hello and Welcome To My Blog! In Today’s Blog……….. So you want to shop at Costco but don’t want a membership? No Problem! Healthy Alternatives at McDonald’s & Dry Dog Food Recalls? We have the info! Read On! Happy Tuesday!  Jennifer Steele, M-F 7p-12a, 101.5 K-HITS     **Show Stuff!       FDA issues several recalls…

The Jennifer Steele Show * 1/14/19

Hello and Welcome To My Blog! In Today’s Blog……….. A whole bunch of stuff today! Where else can you find Metallica, a UCLA Gymnist who loves MJ, Joan Jett & Abraham Lincoln? A weird new reality show? NO- right here in my Blog! AND just for fun – How to get that 80’s style! Enjoy!…

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Today in 1967, The Rolling Stones were forced to change the lyrics of ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’ to Let’s Spend Some Time Together when appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show, after the producers objected to the content of the lyrics. Jagger ostentatiously rolled his eyes at the TV camera while singing the changed lyrics, resulting in host Ed Sullivan announcing that The Rolling Stones would be banned from performing on his show ever again. You can see Mick’s eye rolls in the second half of the video.