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The Jennifer Steele Show * 6/20/18

The Jennifer Steele Show 6/20/18                            The question of the day is how does he do it? I’m talking about Sir Paul McCartney who, yes – has another album and smash hit! For you my friends, I was able to get a copy of…

This little guy is Poncho; this week’s Wet Nose Wednesday!

Poncho is a sweet little guy! Poncho facts: He is a 3 year old, neutered Chihuahua. Poncho felt right at home as soon as he got to K-HITS. He is great in the car. Poncho is good on a leash. He enjoyed sitting on my lap and was mellow while here. Poncho has a playful…

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Today in 1986, Genesis scored their fourth UK No.1 album with their 13th studio album ‘Invisible Touch’. It remained in the charts for 96 weeks, making it the most commercially successful album of their career, eventually selling over 15 million copies worldwide and produced five US Top 5 singles, including the title track.